2019 line-up to be fully released in mid-June / 2019年全片单将于6月中旬公布


The China Retrospective programme features award-nominated or -winning films that reveal the zeitgeist and enormous changes in China and the Chinese society since the early 20th century; and that capture how ideas and beliefs have formed and evolved over time.


Xiao Wu (Pickpocket) 小武

JIA Zhangke | 贾樟柯

108 minutes 分钟 | 1997 | Fiction 虚构 | 16mm 胶片

The Last Emperor 末代皇帝

Bernardo Bertolucci | 贝纳尔多·贝托鲁奇

160 minutes 分钟 | 1987 | Fiction 虚构

Spring in a Small Town 小城之春

FEI Mu | 费穆

93 minutes 分钟 | 1948 | Fiction 虚构


The Lili vs. Leviathan programme serves to advance the appreciation of female filmmakers’ and actresses’ endeavours, as well as to recognize the identity and power of female protagonists in films.


Red Flowers and Green Leaves

LIU Miaomiao | 刘苗苗

96 minutes 分钟 | 2018 | Fiction 虚构
North American Premiere 北美首映

The Goddess 神女

WU Yonggang | 吴永刚

78 minutes 分钟 | 1934 | Fiction 虚构

Meili 美丽

ZHOU Zhou | 周洲

88 minutes 分钟 | 2018 | Fiction 虚构
Canadian Premiere 加拿大首映

First Night Nerves 八个女人一台戏

Stanley KWAN | 关锦鹏

100 minutes 分钟 | 2018 | Fiction 虚构
Canadian Premiere 加拿大首映

A First Farewell 第一次的离别

WANG Lina | 王丽娜

88 minutes 分钟 | 2018 | Fiction 虚构
Toronto Premiere 多伦多首映


The Yin and Yang programme is dedicated to films that reflect on social issues related to gender inequality, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, thereby advocating equality and solidarity.


Yang ± Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema  男生女相:华语电影之性别

Stanley KWAN | 关锦鹏

80 minutes 分钟 | 1996 | Documentary 纪录片

East Palace, West Palace 东宫西宫

ZHANG Yuan | 张元

93 minutes 分钟 | 1996 | Fiction 虚构 | 35mm 胶片

Spring Fever | 春风沉醉的夜晚

LOU Ye | 娄烨

115 minutes 分钟 | 2009 | Fiction 虚构 | 35mm 胶片


The Fountainhead programme celebrates and promotes emerging talents and their works with creative originality.


The Little Shrimp 何虾仔

CHEN Zhilin “Chilam” | 陈志霖

62 minutes 分钟 | 2019 | Fiction 虚构
World Premiere 全球首映

My Dear Friend 好友

YANG Pingdao | 杨平道

106 minutes 分钟 | 2018 | Fiction 虚构
North American Premiere 北美首映

SHe 女他

ZHOU Shengwei | 周圣崴

95 minutes 分钟 | 2018 | Stop Motion 定格动画
Toronto Premiere 多伦多首映

Warm House 母腹之外

WEI Dan | 魏丹

88 minutes 分钟 | 2018 | Fiction 虚构
International Premiere 国际首映

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