The Mulan International Film Festival is run by a not-for-profit organization, Celestial Vault Media, on a grand mission: Seeing China, one film at a time. Mulan is dedicated to showcasing the best of Chinese-language films and historically significant films about China. During the festival, we organize exhibitions, panel discussions, seminars and conferences on topics related to cinematic arts and artists.

We aim at facilitating appreciation of Chinese cinema across Canadian communities and inspiring our audience to discuss contemporary conflicts, challenges, and opportunities from a global perspective. The festival is held every August in Toronto, Ontario. We also have a Year-Round Programme.

We are 100% run and managed by volunteers. From the bottom of our heart, thank you all for your continuous support and love.

木兰国际电影节是由加拿大安大略省政府注册的非营利性机构Celestial Vault Media主办,旨在通过电影展映、展览、研讨会、论坛等方式促进加拿大观众对于华语电影的关注,了解电影的叙事艺术、美学意义和社会影响,提升观众的鉴赏能力,并激发他们思考和讨论亟待解决的世界性问题。电影节于每年8月在加拿大安大略省多伦多市举行。我们同时有全年展映项目。


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