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From August 9th (Friday) to August 17th (Saturday), join the 2019 Mulan International Film Festival on our journey together: Seeing China, one film at a time.

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The Fountainhead programme celebrates and promotes emerging talents and their works with creative originality.

The Little Shrimp

World Premiere
7:00 – 10:00 PM, FRI, AUG 9

CHEN Zhilin “Chilam”

Chilam unfolds his memories of melancholy hometown, Guangzhou, China, through a family’s story happening in a hot sweaty summer.

My Dear Friend

North American Premiere
1:30 – 4:00 PM, SAT, AUG 10

YANG Pingdao

When death is knocking at his door, his life-long soulmate accompanies him on a road trip into the mists of time.


Toronto Premiere
4:45 – 7:00 PM, SAT, AUG 10

ZHOU Shengwei

A stop-motion experimental animated feature – over 58,000 pictures depicting a grotesque, male chauvinist world where a mother high-heel shoe takes vengeance.

The Fall

North American Premiere
7:30 – 9:45 PM, SAT, AUG 10

ZHOU Lidong

A middle-aged businessman decided to make a film based on his and his friends’ life stories. And he wrote, directed and starred in the award-winning debut feature, The Fall.

Warm House

International Premiere
5:00 – 7:00 PM, SUN, AUG 11


Adapted from real-life experiences of the director and his elder brother who suffers from bipolar disorder, this story is about facing the pain.

Stray Cat Ah Q

Canadian Premiere
7:00 – 10:00 PM, FRI, AUG 9

FU Mulan

Animated Short

Where Dreams Rest

Canadian Premiere
7:00 – 10:00 PM, FRI, AUG 9

Elaine WONG

Short Film


North American Premiere
7:00 – 10:00 PM, FRI, AUG 9

TANG Kang Sheng

Short Film


Canadian Premiere
4:45 – 7:00 PM, SAT, AUG 10

SUN Jing

Animated Short


International Premiere

7:00 – 10:00 PM, FRI, AUG 9

Rox LI Kexin

Short Film


Canadian Premiere
1:30 – 4:00 PM, SAT, AUG 10

DUAN Guochen

Short Film


The Lili vs. Leviathan programme serves to advance the appreciation of female filmmakers’ and actresses’ endeavours, as well as to recognize the identity and power of female protagonists in films.

Red Flowers and Green Leaves

North American Premiere
2:30 – 4:30 PM, SUN, AUG 11

LIU Miaomiao

There are only five films about the lives of the Hui Muslim throughout the history of Chinese cinema, and this is one of them.

A First Farewell

Toronto Premiere
7:30 – 9:30 PM, SUN, AUG 11


Winner of The Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury for the Best Film at Berlinale, A First Farewell is a sentimental ballad from director WANG Lina to her hometown in Xinjiang.

The Goddess

Silent Film with Music
7:00 – 9:00 PM, WED, AUG 14

WU Yonggang

RUAN Lingyu, the legendary actress from the 1930s silent era of the Chinese cinema, gives one of her best performances in The Goddess.


Canadian Premiere
7:00 – 9:15 PM, THU, AUG 15


Meili is an ill-fated girl abandoned by her parents. To get away from it all, she wants to follow her girlfriend to Shanghai. But more tragedies are to come.

First Night Nerves

Canadian Premiere
7:30 – 9:30 PM, SAT, AUG 17

Stanley KWAN

Shot entirely in Hong Kong, director Stanley Kwan brings to you the familiar glamours and vibes of Hong Kong Cinema, with all-star lineups: Sammi Cheng, Gigi Leung, BAI Baihe, Angie Chiu and more.


The Yin and Yang programme is dedicated to films that reflect on social issues related to gender inequality, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, thereby advocating equality and solidarity.

Spring Fever

35mm Flim
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM, SAT, AUG 10


East Palace, West Palace

35mm Film
2:30 – 4:10 PM, SAT, AUG 17


The first ever film to depict a gay man in contemporary mainland China. “I can be a woman. I can be a man. I can be anyone.”

Yang ± Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema 

4:30 – 6:00 PM, SAT, AUG 17

Stanley KWAN

Smokers Die Slowly Together

Canadian Premiere
7:00 – 9:15 PM, THU, AUG 15

ZHENG LU Xinyuan

Short Film


The China Retrospective programme features award-nominated or -winning films that reveal the zeitgeist and enormous changes in China and the Chinese society since the early 20th century; and that capture how ideas and beliefs have formed and evolved over time.

Xiao Wu (The Pickpocket)

16mm Film
3:15 – 5:45 PM, MON, AUG 12

JIA Zhangke

The one and only JIA Zhangke’s debut feature. WANG Hongwei, the lead actor and longtime chaperone of Chinese independent cinema, in attendance to share with you the untold stories of Chinese independent films.

The Last Emperor

6:45 – 9:30 PM, TUE, AUG 13

Bernardo Bertolucci

60th Academy Awards – Nine awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography. The only film ever shot in the buildings of Forbidden Palace in Beijing.

Spring in a Small Town

Black-and-White Film
7:00 – 9:30 PM, FRI, AUG 16


Hailed as the No. 1 Chinese-language film ever made (Hong Kong Film Awards, 2005), Spring in a Small Town effectively started the contemporary Chinese cinema.


How do I buy tickets?

There are currently three available options for Festival Packs: 3-Ticket Pack for $45, 6-Ticket Pack for $86 and 10-Ticket Pack for $135.

With a Festival Pack, you can redeem corresponding number of individual tickets to any screening. After your purchase, you will get an email from us within 1-3 business days, with instructions to redeem tickets.

Regular individual tickets are at $18 each. Student/Senior tickets are at $15 each.

All these prices include applicable taxes but do not include any service fee charged by Eventbrite.

Rush tickets are subject to availability at $20 each (tax included) at the door a few minutes before each screening, and we only accept cash.

To purchase tickets with cash, please email [email protected] or call 416-725-0025.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Please be sure of your choices before making any purchases, and arrive on time on the day of the screening.
We request all ticket holders to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled screening start time, otherwise your seats may be released to the Rush line.

How do I get to the venue?

We strongly recommend you taking the public transit due to the high traffic volume in the downtown area.

Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto, Ontario)
● Innis Town Hall is located within Innis College on the University of Toronto‘s downtown campus, at the northwest corner of St. George Street and Sussex Avenue, just south of Bloor Street. It is a five-minute walk south from the St. George TTC Subway Station.
● There is limited street parking available on Sussex Avenue, Huron Street and St. George Street.

Scotiabank Theatre (259 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario)
● Scotiabank Theatre is located at the southwest corner of Richmond Street West and John Street. Entrance is on Richmond Street West. It is a 6-minute walk west from Osgoode TTC Subway Station.
● There is limited street parking on Nelson Street. Underground parking is available in the building and an above-ground parking lot is available just east of the building.

Can I still buy tickets online on the day of the screening?

Yes, you can. Please note that the tickets are subject to availability; we strongly recommend that tickets be purchased in advance.

Why do you charge service fees for buying tickets?

We use Eventbrite as the ticket purchase channel; the service fees are applied at the time of purchasing and charged entirely by Eventbrite.

Is it assigned seating?

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, certain seats may be reserved for our sponsors, guests, media or other VIPs.

What about latecomers?

We request all ticket holders to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled screening start time, otherwise your seats may be released to the Rush line. We reserve the right to refuse to seat latecomers if it is too disruptive for the audience.

Can I take photo or video during the screening?

You cannot take photo or video during the screening because it is illegal to make a copy of a film or part of a film in any form without permission of the Festival or copyright owner. Any person who is recording or photographing without authorization may be removed from the premises at the discretion of Festival staff.

Are food and drink allowed in the theatre?

Food and drink are not allowed in the Innis Town Hall theatre.

Only concession items purchased through Scotiabank Theatre are allowed in the Scotiabank Theatre auditorium.

Can children attend the Festival?

We are in the process of getting the films rated by the Ontario Film Review Board (OFRB). At this moment, we do not recommend people younger than 18 years old attending due to potential age restrictions. Please check back in late July.

Is there accessibility accommodation?

Yes, our venues are wheelchair friendly. Should you require companion or accessible seating, please send us an email at [email protected].

Accessibility of Mulan International Film Festival Venues

  • Innis Town Hall
    • Innis Town Hall is barrier-free. There are 4 dedicated barrier free spaces at the rear of Innis Town Hall and the cinema has power assisted doors for full access. Accessible, gender neutral washrooms are located in the Innis College Office of the Principal as well as in the Innis Cafe.
    • There is limited street parking available on Sussex Avenue as well as St. George Street.
  • Scotiabank Theatre
    • Scotiabank Theatre is barrier-free and fully wheelchair accessible.
    • There is limited street parking on Nelson Street. Underground parking is available in the building and an above-ground parking lot is available just east of the building.

Terms and Conditions

Mulan International Film Festival Ticket Terms and Conditions

The holder of this ticket (“Holder”) is admitted to the 2019 Mulan International Film Festival (the “Festival”) on condition that he/she by use of this ticket is subject to legally binding terms and conditions. All terms and conditions, including venue information, films and schedule, are subject to revision, change or cancellation without advance notice or refund.

  • Tickets bear no cash value. Tickets may not be resold. Tickets may not be used as draw prizes or contest giveaways, without express written consent from Mulan International Film Festival. Such use or resale will invalidate tickets.
  • By using a ticket enter a Festival venue, the Holder agrees to being photographed, filmed or recorded in the event venue, and to the publication, reproduction, sales use, distribution and broadcast of all photographs, video or other recordings of the Holder’s voice or likeness without further notice or compensation in any publicity, advertisement or other publication carried out by, or on behalf of, Mulan International Film Festival in perpetuity in any manner and media whatsoever, including print, broadcast or digital.
  • By using a ticket to attend Festival screenings and events, the Holder waives and releases Mulan International Film Festival from all claims he/she may have against Mulan International Film Festival for any loss, damage, injury, liability or expense he/she may suffer, arising from his/her presence at the event venue due to any reason whatsoever, including those arising from personal injury, property loss/damage or death.
  • All ticket purchases require the user to provide a valid contact email. Emails used for purchases will be added to Mulan International Film Festival’s e-newsletter mailing list after obtaining the user’s consent. These contact emails will not be shared with or sold to any third party. An easy, one-time “unsubscribe” option will be provided in each e-newsletter.
  • Mulan International Film Festival will not tolerate mistreatment of any kind towards its staff, patrons or volunteers and will take measures accordingly. Anyone exhibiting such behaviour will be removed from the premises at the discretion of Festival staff.
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