Warm House


WEI Dan (In Attendance) | 魏丹(出席)

China | 88 minutes | 2018 | Fiction | Mandarin and Shanxi Dialect | English and Chinese Subtitles | 14A
International Premiere 国际首映

SUN, AUG 11, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Innis Town Hall

Screening + Panel Talk

Cong Cong (LUO Tengteng) returns to his hometown in Shanxi Province from his studies in Beijing, and spends 14 days with his elder brother Long Long (WEI Zheng) who suffers from bipolar disorder. The two brothers still maintain a close relationship despite long-time separation, but Cong Cong feels more and more overwhelmed when seeing his brother is constantly on an emotional rollercoaster and their mother (FENG Fuzhen) in perpetual torment. Aside from prescription drugs, the family even tries from soul-calling to prayers in the hope of healing Long Long, but everything fails…

Warm House is WEI Dan’s debut feature, a striking and honest adaptation of his own family afflictions. WEI Zheng, who plays Long Long, is his real-life brother.



Director 导演

魏丹,独立电影导演、编剧,1990年出生于中国山西,毕业于吉林艺术学院,现居北京。《母腹之外》是他的长片处女作,获2018年NEW ERA青年电影季(北京)评委会特别提及。

Born in 1990 in Shanxi Province, WEI Dan graduated from Jilin College of the Arts. He is now a Beijing-based independent filmmaker and screenwriter. Warm House is his debut feature, which won a Special Jury Mention at the 2018 NEW ERA Film Festival (Beijing).

Credits 演职员名单

  • Director 导演:WEI Dan (in attendance) 魏丹(出席)
  • Principal Cast 主演:WEI Zheng 魏征、LUO Tengteng 罗腾腾、FENG Fuzhen 冯福珍、WANG Yinwei 王银伟
  • Producer 制片人:LI Jiaxi 李嘉曦、LI Shan 李杉
  • Executive Producer 执行制片人:ZHANG Qian 张倩
  • Screenplay:WEI Dan 魏丹
  • Cinematographer 摄影:SI Shuo 斯硕
  • Editor 剪辑:WEI Dan 魏丹
  • Production Designer 美术指导:DONG Liang 董亮
  • Sound 音效:YE Mao 叶茂
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