China will soon become the world’s top film market and has accumulated an enormous amount of data collected from moviegoers. There are fresh opportunities for filmmakers, production companies, distributors and exhibitors, both Chinese and non-Chinese. The Mulan International Film Festival strives to curate Chinese-language film exhibitions to an international audience and industry leaders, and to build the biggest marketplace for Chinese-language films in North America. We aim at creating long-lasting bridges for filmmakers and companies from Canada, China and other countries, enhancing the general public’s intercultural competencies and fostering the building of relationships and mixing of ideas with a global perspective.


Market Highlight | 市场特点

In 2017, mainland China’s movie ticket sales reached a record high of CNY55.9 billion1 (approximately CA$11.3 billion); 95% of the ticketing were done online.2 / 2017年,中国大陆总票房刷新纪录,达到559亿元人民币(约113亿加币);95%的售票交易在网上完成。

In the first quarter of 2018, mainland China’s movie ticket sales reached CNY20.2 billion (CA$4.1 billion), up by 39.82% as compared to the first quarter of 2017.3 / 2018年第一季度,中国大陆票房达202亿元人民币(约41亿加币),同比上涨39.82%。

Attendance at North American cinemas has been stagnant for the past 10 years, and fell to a 25-year low in 20174; box office totalled US$11.1 billion (CA$14.3 billion), a 2.55% decline from 2016’s record high of US$11.4 billion (CA$14.7 billion).5 / 北美观影人次已连续十年保持在停滞状态,2017年达25年来最低水平;总票房达111亿美元(约706亿元人民币),相比2016创造的114亿美元(约724亿元人民币)记录下跌2.55%。

In 2016, Asians/Other Ethnicities6 in North America reported the highest annual attendance per capita, and they overrepresented the most of any ethnic group in share of movie tickets purchased (14%) relative to their share of the population (8%).7 / 2016年,北美的亚裔和其他族裔人均观影次数是所有族裔中最高的;相较于他们在总人口中所占的百分比(8%),他们在所有购票人群中所占份额可达14%。

The US market for foreign-language films continues to decline from its most recent peak in the 1990s and early 2000s, but American programmers believe the US market for foreign-language TV is expanding led by online streaming companies that produce original contents.8 / 美国的外语片市场自20世纪末和21世纪初以来持续缩水,然而美国的策划人认为,在生产原创内容的在线流媒体公司的带领下,外语电视市场正在扩大。

1. China Film Bureau; 2. TechCrunch; 3. China Film Bureau; 4. Bloomberg; 5. Motion Picture Association of America; 6. Four ethnic groups: African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics and Asians/Other Ethnicities; 7. Motion Picture Association of America; 8. The Screen Daily

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