The Mulan International Film Festival is run by a small group of volunteers, who are deeply passionate about Chinese films and culture. Where our knowledge and experience fall short, we make up by trying harder. We look forward to meeting you at our 2019 Film Festival!

SHEN Wei Headshot
SHEN Wei 沈玮
Artistic Director

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Ruochen Bo 伯若辰
Xuliang Zhang 张序亮
Eland Zhu 朽葱
Tom Wang
Tom Wang 王解难
Executive Director
Promise Xu
Promise Xu 许诺
Director, Operations

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Guanchu Liu Headshot
Guanchu Liu 刘冠初
Director, Government Relationship
Amy Chen Headshot
Amy Chen 陈曦
Director, Support
Gavin Ouyang Headshot
Gavin Ouyang 欧阳广夏
Graphic Design

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Helen Zhang 张想想
Specialist, Sponsorship
Xinbo Zhang Headshot
Xinbo Zhang 张昕博
Sasha Mao 毛睿
Specialist, Media Relations
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