Year-Round | 全年展映

Between our annual Film Festivals, we organize regular screenings and other events. How about a date with us once a month? Look forward to seeing you at our year-round programming!


March 2019

7:30PM, Thu Mar 14 @ Innis Town Hall

The Cave of the Silken Web 盘丝洞

DAN Duyu 但杜宇

60 minutes 分钟 | 1927 | Fiction 虚构 | Silent Film 默片 | Canadian Premiere 加拿大首映

January 2019

2PM, Sun Jan 27 @ Innis Town Hall

An Elephant Sitting Still 大象席地而坐

HU Bo 胡波

230 minutes 分钟 | 2018 | Fiction 虚构 

September 2018

7PM, Tue Sept 18 @ Innis Town Hall

Together with You 和你在一起

CHEN Kaige 陈凯歌

116 minutes 分钟 | 2002 | Fiction 虚构 | 14A
35mm Film 胶片电影

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