River of Salvation


GAO Qisheng

104 minutes | 2020 | Fiction | Wuhan Dialect Chinese | English Subtitles

8:50 PM, SUN, MAY 14
Innis Town Hall

Sister Rong, a foot masseuse, lives peacefully with her brother. But the murder that happened 18 years ago often disturbs her mind. When her brother grows to the age of eighteen, she decides to take the responsibility of a past event. The river of spring flows quietly in the small town.


GAO Qisheng is a young director and screenwriter of a new generation in China. His films and screenplays span both the art and commercial fields, and he depicts ordinary people’s spiritual world and lives, with a style characterized by delicate emotions and beautiful moods.


  • Director: GAO Qisheng
  • Principal Cast: LI Yanxi, ZHU Kangli
  • Producer: LONG Yi, YAN Lirui, Danlei LI
  • Screenplay: GAO Qisheng
  • Cinematographer: PENG Zhe
  • Editor: LONG Yi
  • Production Designer: LONG Yi
  • Sound: XU Weibing
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