Demographics Highlight | 人口特点

The 2016 census showed that / 2016年的加拿大人口普查显示

Toronto had a population of over 2.7 million, which represented 7.8% of Canada’s total population of 35.2 million. / 多伦多总人口已经超过270万,占加拿大全国总人口3520万的7.8%。

51.5% of the Toronto population identified themselves as visible minorities. In Canada, visible minority groups represented only 22.3% of the total population. / 51.5%的多伦多人认为他们是“可见少数族裔”,而放眼整个加拿大,可见少数族裔仅占总人口的22.3%。

44.1% of Torontonians age 25-64 had at least a bachelor’s degree and 16.2% had a graduate degree. This was significantly higher than Canada overall with 28.5% and 9.6%, respectively. / 25至64岁的多伦多人中,44.1%至少拥有学士学位,16.2%拥有研究生学位。这显着高于加拿大——分别为28.5%和9.6%——的整体水平。

51.2% of the Toronto population was born outside of Canada, and 53.5% of these people came from countries in Asia. / 51.2%的多伦多人口出生在加拿大以外的国家,而在这些外来出生人口之中,53.5%来自亚洲。

11.1% or 0.333 million Torontonians identified themselves as ethnically Chinese. / 华裔人口占多伦多总人口的11.1%,达33.3万。

0.115 million Torontonians reported that their mother tongue was Cantonese, and 0.111 million reported Mandarin. Cantonese and Mandarin were the top 1 and 2 Toronto mother tongues excluding English. / 11.5万多伦多人的母语是粤语,11.1万是普通话。粤语和普通话是除英语之外的第一和第二多人的母语。

Source: Statistics Canada and reports released by the City of Toronto

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