Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountain



150 minutes | 2019 | Fiction | Mandarin, Hangzhou Dialect | English and Chinese Subtitles
Toronto Premiere

The 72nd Cannes Film Festival – Critics’ Week (La Semaine de la Critique) Selection
The 13th FIRST International Film Festival – Best Film, Best Director

7 PM, Thur Jun 6
Innis Town Hall

Six centuries ago, the maestro YUAN Gongwang painted his masterpiece Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, a scroll capturing the landscapes along the Fuchun River. Today, the Fujiang city, nested along the Fuchun River, is undergoing significant transformation, in preparation for the Asian Games. 

In the ebbs and flows of these changes, four brothers take turns caring for their mother with worsening dementia. The film explores the intricate and deeply private dynamics of a family, through the tensions between family obligations and personal financial, health, and relationship problems.

Caught in the ruthless tides of societal changes, how and where would each find their solace and stability? The director weaves the answers into the complex fabric of family and the steady rhythm of the changing seasons.

In the evolving landscape of Fujiang, the mountains stand silent and the rivers run evermore. (LIU Yuetong)


GU Xiaogang was born in Fuyang, Hangzhou, China. While studying costume design and marketing at university, he discovered filmmaking and became interested in documentaries. His first feature, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, which was shot during the four seasons over the course of two years, was selected as the Closing Film of La Semaine de la Critique of Cannes Film Festival in 2019. It is the first film of his Scroll Painting Trilogy, “A Thousand Miles Along the Eastern Yangtze”. The film was selected to numerous festivals worldwide and won Best Film, Best Director Awards at FIRST International Film Festival, Special Jury Award at Tokyo FilMEX, Critics Choice Award at Festfest Hamburg, Best Film Award at the International Film Festival & Awards of Macao amongst others.


  • Director: GU Xiaogang
  • Principal Cast: DU Hongjun, QIAN Youfa, WANG Fengjuan
  • Producer: HUANG Xufeng, ZHANG Qun
  • Screenplay: GU Xiaogang
  • Cinematographer: YU Ninghui, DENG Xu
  • Production Designer: ZHOU Xingyu
  • Editor: LIU Xinzhu
  • Music: DOU Wei
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