Have A Good Night


JIANG Hongyu

126 minutes | 2019 | Fiction | Sichuanese Dialect and Mandarin | Chinese and English Subtitles

Content Advisory: This film contains scenes of tobacco use, language that may offend, nudity and sexual content. It is not appropriate for children or young audiences.

7:30 PM, SUN, March 20
Innis Town Hall

To all patrons: In addition to wearing a mask while indoor, the venue also requires each patron to show a valid Ontario Vaccine QR Code and verbally answer some screening questions. The venue will be operating at ~50% capacity.

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Working on his film to be submitted to film festivals, Yuhao returns to Chengdu during the Qingming Festival (the Chinese Ancestors’ Day). He is shooting a documentary about his same-sex lover, Hongyu, and himself. Accompanying Yuhao is Boxuan, the cameraman of this shoot.

From the moment Hongyu picks them up at the train station, Yuhao and Boxuan start rolling — Yuhao has already told Boxuan that he has talked it through with Hongyu, and Hongyu would always be acting his part.

Yet Hongyu appears to oppose to be on camera and to the presence of Boxuan, which makes Boxuan waver. At the same time, Yuhao starts to have Boxuan film their sex life…


Hongyu JIANG 蒋鸿宇

JIANG Hongyu was born in 1996 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. He is a director, actor, and scriptwriter. He started to realize his interest in movies after graduating from junior high school. He worked on more than ten shorts since 2012. Have a Good Night (An Wen Jiao) is his debut feature, which he wrote, directed, and played the lead actor. 



  • Director: JIANG Hongyu
  • Principal Cast: JIANG Hongyu, CHEN Yuhao, LI Boxuan, CHEN Yusha
  • Producer: Annie SONG, Yuz HAN
  • Co-Producer: Jean-François Even
  • Screenplay: JIANG Hongyu
  • Co-Writers: Annie SONG, Yuz Han
  • Cinematographer: LI Boxuan, CHEN Yuhao
  • Sound: LI Xinze
  • Music: François Crépu
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