My Dear Friend


YANG Pingdao (In Attendance) | 杨平道(出席)

China | 106 minutes | 2018 | Fiction | Cantonese | English and Chinese Subtitles | PG
中国|106分钟|2018|虚构|粤语|中英文字幕 | PG
North American Premiere 北美首映

SAT, AUG 10, 1:30 – 4:00 PM
Innis Town Hall

Screening With

Rail (15min)

Screening + Panel Talk

A young urban woman Jingjing (Gabby SO) drives to a remote rural village in southern China, in search of her ex-boyfriend who has abandoned her and disappeared – but only to find his grandparents Shuimu (Robert LOH) and Fang (JIANG Hong) in their modest ancestral home. Shuimu’s mute friend Zhongsheng (LU Haoquan) feels that his days are numbered, and craves for returning to his hometown some 300km away to unearth his obscure past. Although reluctant and whiny, Jingjing takes the two lifelong friends in her car laden with funeral supplies, to a trip into the mists of time.

YANG Pingdao’s first fictional feature My Dear Friend reveals the unspeakable human emotions which cannot be simply categorized as love, kinship or friendship by everyone who is searching for a soul mate.



Director 导演

A native Cantonese born in 1980,  YANG Pingdao graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, and has been a director, scriptwriter and novelist. My Dear Friend is his first fictional feature, which has been selected to the Pingyao, Busan and Shanghai Film Festivals. Prior to this, he primarily made documentary films, including The River of Life (2013) which won many international awards.


Credits 演职员名单

  • Director 导演:YANG Pingdao (in attendance) 杨平道(出席)
  • Principal Cast 主演:Robert LOH 陆叔远、Gabby SO 苏子情、LU Haoquan 陆浩全、JIANG Hong 江洪
  • Producer 制片人:LONG Miaoyuan (in attendance) 龙淼渊(出席)
  • Executive Producer 监制:ZHANG Xianmin 张献民、LIN Xudong 林旭东
  • Screenplay 编剧:YANG Pingdao 杨平道
  • Cinematographer 摄影:LONG Miaoyuan 龙淼渊
  • Editor 剪辑:LIN Xudong 林旭东
  • Art Consultant 美术顾问:ZHANG Xianmin 张献民
  • Sound 音效:LIU Qi 刘琪
  • Music 音乐Dickson Dee 李劲松
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