Stray Cat Ah Q


FU Mulan (In Attendance) | 傅木兰(出席)

China | 6 minutes | 2018 | Animated Short | Mandarin | English Subtitles | G
中国|6 分钟|2018|动画短片|普通话|英文字幕 | G
Canadian Premiere 加拿大首映


FRI, AUG 9, 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Scotiabank Theatre Cinema 1

Screening With

Source (9min), Where Dreams Rest (15min), Away (10min), The Little Shrimp (62min)

Screenings + Panel Talk

Not every chance encounter will unfold a tender and long lasting friendship; not every stray cat has a name.


Director 导演

FU Mulan is a New York-based Chinese animator, illustrator, and director. She currently studies at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in Film and Television and minoring in History. Born and raised in Shanghai, Mulan finds inspiration by traveling from one enticing place to another, documenting her experiences through sketches along her journey. Growing up in Asia and studying abroad in Europe and North America, she finds passion in discovering touching stories along her travels and sharing it with the world through the magical medium of animation.

傅木兰,青年动画导演,就读于纽约大学帝势艺术学院电影专业。其独立导演、编剧、绘制及原创配乐的动画短片《旅程》(2017)、《野猫阿Q》(2019)分别入围十余个美国及国际电影节,荣获美国National Board of Review年度学生奖学金、Marion Carter Green Award (杰出音乐元素奖),以及BAFTA(英国电影和电视艺术学院)年度学生奖学金。

Credits 演职员名单

  • Director 导演:FU Mulan (in attendance) 傅木兰(出席)
  • Voice Actors/Actresses 配音演员:JIN Meng 金梦、FU Mulan 傅木兰、Johanna Lee
  • Screenplay 编剧:FU Mulan 傅木兰
  • Editor 剪辑:FU Mulan 傅木兰
  • Sound Design 音效设计:Kea Lia Pedersen
  • Sound Engineer 音效工程师:HE Liyanbing 何厉雁冰
  • Music 音乐:FU Mulan 傅木兰
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