The Fall


ZHOU Lidong (In Attendance) | 周立冬(出席)

China | 108 minutes | 2018 | Fiction | Mandarin and English | English Subtitles | PG
中国|108分钟|2018|虚构|普通话、英语|英文字幕 | PG
North American Premiere 北美首映

SAT, AUG 10, 7:30 – 9:45 PM
Innis Town Hall

Screening + Panel Talk

Old Lin (ZHOU Lidong) owns a small-sized company that supplies machinery and facilities. He lives a decent middle-class life, with a wife on an overseas assignment, a son going to take the College Entrance Exam before studying abroad, a group of friends who are just as well-educated as he is, and a lover to whom he never speaks the word “love”. When he struggles to collect payment from a key client, he suddenly finds his life adrift like a falling leaf in the wind.

The Fall is ZHOU Lidong’s debut feature, adapted from his and his friends’ real-life experiences as businessmen.



Director 导演

Born in Shandong Province in 1964, ZHOU Lidong is now a Beijing-based film director and businessman. Before breaking into the film industry, he has worked in coal mines, worked as a translator, and spent more than a decade building his own business.


Credits 演职员名单

  • Director 导演:ZHOU Lidong (in attendance) 周立冬(出席)
  • Principal Cast 主演:ZHOU Lidong 周立冬、YAN Luyang 闫鹿杨、MA Jiaming 马嘉铭、CHEN Gang 陈刚、YANG Yang 杨洋
  • Producer 制片人:LU Daju 鲁大举
  • Executive Producer 监制:CHOW Keung 周强
  • Screenplay 编剧:ZHOU Lidong 周立冬
  • Cinematographer 摄影:LIN Yutang 林育塘
  • Editor 剪辑:YANG Xiao 杨潇
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