SUN Jing | 孙晶

China | 6 minutes | 2018 | Animated Short Film | no dialogue
中国 | 6 分钟 | 2018 | 动画电影 | 无对白

SAT, AUG 10, 4:45 – 7:00 PM
Innis Town Hall

Screening With

(95 min, Stop Motion Animated Film)

Screening + Panel Talk

Director 导演

SUN Jing 孙晶

SUN Jing is an animation director who is focusing on animation studies with a concentration in aesthetic shorts. Her animation works like The Old Man and The Pears and I Saw Mice Burying A Cat won numerous awards all over the world, such as the Grand Pix Festival, in Hiroshima. Her goal is to continue to explore in the aesthetic areas of animation, to invent and explore more possibilities in visualization.

孙晶,动画导演,2018年研究生毕业于加州州立大学洛杉矶分校艺术。2012年本科毕业于中国吉林动画学院。 其各类动画作品如《捕食》《种梨》 《猫和老鼠谁将被埋葬》等多部艺术动画短片曾获中国动画美猴奖最佳动画短片奖、AOF最佳动画片奖、日本国际广岛动画电影节最佳动画短片奖;入围洛杉矶国际儿童电影节、第85届奥斯卡动画短片、荷兰动画电影节等各类海内外电影节。

Credits 演职员名单

  • Director 导演:SUN Jing 孙晶
  • Music 音乐:LIU Shuangyi 刘双一
  • Sound 声效:ZHANG Kenan 张珂南
  • Academic Adviser 指导教授:Jim Ovelmen 吉姆·欧佛曼
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