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Mulan International Film Festival (MulanIFF) is a fledging not-for-profit dedicated to showcasing the best of Chinese-language films and historically significant films about China. Founded in 2018, we held our inaugural film festival during Aug 10 – 17, 2018 and is currently organizing our year-round program and next year’s film festival.

100% run and managed by volunteers, MulanIFF is a very small team that is aiming at making a huge impact.

We are looking for spectacular and one-of-a-kind talents to join us. If you too believe in getting your hands dirty and challenging the status quo, and have passion and knowledge about Chinese-language films, we promise you one hell of a ride and your chance to change the landscape of contemporary Chinese cinema. Read on.

Current Opportunities

Next round of application due 11:59PM, Friday February 1, 2019.

In the role of Specialist, Marketing, you will be be tackling the everlasting challenge of spreading our messages to the right people, converting them into our customers, and making them coming back for more, all with a small budget and your relentless pursuit of results. You will work on the marketing of our annual festival, year-round program and/or other exciting initiatives. Depending on your exact mix of skills, experience and preferences, you may work on a specific market segment or channel.

This is a role that requires your out-of-the-box, oddball creativity and more importantly, absurdly sharp analytical skills. It is not for the faint of heart – the success of any of our products depend on you. Either basked in the glory of a full house or got hit over the head by a dwindling turnout, you get a frontline view of all that we do in this role.

In this adrenaline-inducing role, we are looking for someone with:

[+] Demonstrated knowledge and outstanding passion for Chinese-language films

[+] A basic understanding of and passion for data-driven and/or social media marketing

[+] Uncanny abilities to understand and manipulate human buying behaviours

[+] A bias towards action

[+] Excellent written communication skills, in either English or Chinese

This role requires a minimum weekly commitment of 8 hours. This is a volunteer position (MulanIFF is 100% run and managed by volunteers).

Remote applicants welcome for this role.

Sponsorship from corporations is a major source of financial support for MulanIFF. In the role of Specialist, Sponsorship, you will be responsible for each and every step of the journey of sponsorship. From the first cold email, to your deciding strategy and execution that close the deal, to a happy renewal cycle, you will be working with companies large and small, from every industry imaginable.

While full of unreciprocated loves and outright rejections, the treasure hunt that is selling sponsorship promises outsized results for the determined and immerse adrenaline rush for the unrelinquished.  For those brave, resilient and strong enough to see it through, there are so, so much to learn, and plenty of bitter-sweet fun to be had, in the process.

In this role, we are looking for someone with:

[+] A basic understanding of sponsorship process and business negotiation

[+] Self-starter characters with the ability to work independently and under pressure

[+] A positive attitude with the ability to deal with frustration

[+] A bias towards action

[+] Outstanding communication, interpersonal, time management and team work skills

This role requires a minimum weekly commitment of 8 hours. This is a volunteer position (MulanIFF is 100% run and managed by volunteers).

If MulanIFF is a beacon in the vast sea of Chinese-Language films, then our Programming team will be the custodian and architect for this shining and guiding light. In the role of Assistant Programmer, you will be responsible for forming an impeccable experience for our audience. From selecting and curating films, to composing programming notes, to planning post-screening Q&A, you will be on ground zero of the artistic side of a film festival.

In this role, you will be liaising with emerging and established filmmakers, film scholars, producers and distributors. It’s a role that look for your curiosity, your unfaltering empathy and sensibility, and your trailblazing taste and vision. Your work will form the foundation of MulanIFF, and construct a window into the exciting world of Chinese-language films and the Chinese culture.

We are looking for someone with:

[+] A strong passion for film and outstanding knowledge of the history of cinema and Chinese-language film culture

[+] A curatorial vision that is aligned with the direction of MulanIFF

[+] Demonstrated research skills and organizational skills

[+] Excellent written communication skills in English and/or in Chinese, especially in composing curatorial notes and film reviews

[+] Strong interests in other humanities disciplines such as literature, fine arts and philosophy

This role requires a minimum weekly commitment of 8 hours. This is a volunteer position (MulanIFF is 100% run and managed by volunteers). A film review or film analysis in English or Chinese must be submitted with your application in order to be considered.

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