WONG Siu-pong

88 minutes | 2019 | Documentary | Cantonese Chinese | English Subtitles

3:30 PM, SUN, AUG 14
Innis Town Hall

Three centimeters, an insignificant size, is an indicator of life and death for patients with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), a rare genetic disorder. The film follows two families with TSC patients, who seem to be abandoned by the society, fighting for the right to live one more day against the cost-effectiveness seeking, rigid medical system in Hong Kong. It takes tremendous efforts to be seen and to be heard.


WONG Siu-pong was born in Hong Kong in 1986. He is a graduate of Hong Kong Shue Yan University’s Department of Journalism and Communication. In 2011, he received a grant from CNEX to shoot his first documentary feature Fish Story, which made him a nominee director of New Talent Award at Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (HKAFF), and later won the award of Best Documentary at FIRST International Film Festival in 2014. In 2016, his second documentary feature Snuggle has won the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Honorable Mention, and was selected by HKAFF and Taipei Film Festival.


  • Director: WONG Siu-pong
  • Producer: WONG Siu-pong, KWONG Hiu Yan
  • Associate Producer: Mary Stephen
  • Cinematographer: WONG Siu-pong
  • Editor:WONG Siu-pong
  • Sound: LUI Shi Pang, LAU Yuen Man
  • Music:LEE Lam Fung Sonic
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