Become a Festival Ambassador and join in the grand mission of “Seeing China, one film at a time“! We are looking for the avid film lovers, the rollicking party initiators, the perceptive social connectors, the insightful movie critics and the wonderful social media power users.

Use one of your biggest advantages, your professional and personal network, to spread your love for films and Mulan International Film Festival, and get a chance to have the exclusive perks, including:

  • Chance to be invited to our exclusive Opening Ceremony and Red Carpet event
  • VIP Express Line at selected screenings – A shorter line means a better seat!
  • Exclusive personal discount codes to share with your network, because you are an insider
  • Free screening tickets
  • Official recognition on our website and social media

Getting started is simple – fill out the form below and we will contact you within 8 hours (Sorry but sometimes we have to sleep).

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成为电影节大使,一同加入“Seeing China, one film at a time”的使命吧!影迷影痴影魔?组局约局小能手?准过琅琊榜的影评金嘴?刷爆社交网络的小达人?木兰大使了解一下!


  • 受邀参加不对公众开放的电影节开幕式以及红毯活动的机会
  • 受邀参加不对公众开放的电影节嘉宾欢迎晚宴以及欢送晚宴的机会
  • 在指定电影场次可使用VIP入场通道——Duang,越过人山人海秒得好座位
  • 专属定制购票优惠码——让你的圈子,刷你的面子,打令人吃惊的折扣
  • 免费观影票
  • 在电影节网站及社交平台上的官方鸣谢





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Mulan International Film Festival is 100% run and managed by volunteers. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your love and support.


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