Girls’ School


Mi-mi LEE

91 mins | 1982 | Fiction | Mandarin | English Subtitles
2K Restoration
Canadian Premiere

19th Golden Horse Awards—Nominee, Best Actress

7:30 PM, FRI, AUG 18
Innis Town Hall


Chih-Ting and Chia-Lin are both star students at the Pingtung Girls’ High School and best friends. Their closeness draws the attention of another classmate, Chun-Hsueh. After Chun-Hsueh tries to befriend them but gets rejected by Chih-Ting, humiliation and anger drives her to spread rumors about them being lesbians. 


Hsiu-Ling, Chia-Lin’s elder sister, recently asks to be transferred to teach in Chia-Lin’s school, trying to prevent her own break-up from becoming the subject of gossip. Upon hearing rumors about her sister, Hsiu-Ling makes every effort to separate Chih-Ting and Chia-Lin. Chih-Ting, who grew up in the absence of parental warmth, cannot bear losing her closest friend.


Amidst all the rumors and misunderstandings, Chih-Ting and Chia-Lin’s entire class goes on a field trip together…


Mi-mi LEE, born 1946, is a prolific writer-director and producer. After graduating from the National Pingtung Girls’ Senior High School, she went on to earn her degree in Television from the Shih Hsin School of Journalism (now Shih Hsin University) in 1969. Starting her career as a Script Supervisor, she continued as Assistant Director and worked on multiple best-selling titles.

In the 1980s, as an independent filmmaker, LEE co-wrote and directed three features, Unmarried Mothers (1980), Evening News (1981), and Girls’ School (1982). These auteur films showcase her fluid and bold cinematic language, and vivid and vibrant portrayal of female characters.


  • Director: Mi-mi LEE
  • Principal Cast: TIEN Niu, SHEN Yan, CHIN Han, CHOU Dan-Wei, LIN Nan-Shi
  • Presenter: Li Xun-Wen
  • Executive Producer: Li Rong-Gui
  • Screenplay: CHIU Hsiu-Chuan
  • Cinematographer: Chris CHEN

2K Restoration by Taiwan Film & Audiovisual Institute

Portrait of LI Mei-mi by ZHENG Yuchen

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