• Love Is A Gun - Film Still
  • Love Is A Gun - Film Still
  • Love Is A Gun - Film Still
  • Love Is A Gun - Film Still

Love Is a Gun

愛是一把槍 爱是一把枪

LEE Hong-Chi

81 minutes | 2023 | Fiction | Minnan, Mandarin | English Subtitles

Canadian Premiere

The 80th Venice International Film Festival — Lion of the Future Luigi de Laurentis Award for a Debut Film

Content Advisory: This film contains scenes of coarse language, tobacco use, and violence.

7:30 PM, FRI, AUG 9
Innis Town Hall

After being released from prison, Sweet Potato (LEE Hong-Chi) returns to his coastal hometown, earning his bread and butter by renting out sunshades. To find work in the city, he needs a “good citizen” certificate. Gang brother Maozi pulls him back to collect protection money, his mother urges him to repay her debts, and his ex-girlfriend is resentful towards him. Only old classmate Seven gives him a moment of respite. He cannot escape the muddy past or drop new anchors until he holds a gun, aiming directly at the “boss” he has never met, ready to dismantle everything in life.


LEE Hong-Chi - Portrait

Taiwanese actor LEE Hong-Chi has garnered acclaim as Best New Performer at the 52nd Golden Horse Awards and Best Actor at the 17th Taipei Film Awards for Thanatos, Drunk (2015). With over ten feature films under his belt, he wrote, directed, and starred in his first feature film, Love Is a Gun.


  • Director: LEE Hong-Chi
  • Principal Cast: LEE Hong-Chi, LIN Ying-Wei, ZHENG Qing-Yu, LIN Ke-Ren, LEE Yu-Yao, Edison SONG
  • Producer: SHAN Zuolong, LIAO Che-I
  • Executive Producer:
  • Screenplay: LEE Hong-Chi, LIN Cheng-Hsun
  • Cinematographer: ZHU Ying Rong
  • Production Designer: LIN Zhi Yun
  • Constume Designer: LEE Chi Wei
  • Editor: QIN Yanan
  • Sound: TU Duu-Chih
  • Music: Bruce SU
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