For the 2019 Mulan International Film Festival, the Fountainhead programme is accepting submissions of feature-length films and short films from all filmmakers, via FilmFreeway. Please read the following rules and regulations carefully before submitting your film. If you have any questions, please contact us via email: [email protected]

2019木兰国际电影节“源泉”单元将通过FilmFreeway接受所有电影人的长片和短片。请在提交作品前仔细阅下方的电影节规章制度。如果你有任何疑问,请通过邮箱[email protected]与我们联系。

2019 Mulan International Film Festival Rules and Regulations

1. Mission Statement
The Mulan International Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as “MulanIFF”) is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to showcasing the best of Chinese-language films and historically significant films about China. The aim of the Festival is to facilitate appreciation of Chinese cinema across Canadian communities and inspire the audience to discuss contemporary conflicts, challenges and opportunities from a global perspective.

2. Dates
The second edition of the Mulan International Film Festival will be held in Toronto, Canada, from Friday, August 9th to Saturday, August 17th, 2019.

3. Festival Programmes
MulanIFF presents films in four distinct programmes: China Retrospective, Lili vs. Leviathan, Yin and Yang, and Fountainhead. The categorization and screening schedule of each selected film are determined at the sole discretion of the MulanIFF programming team. Films presented in the China Restrospective, Lili vs. Leviathan, and Yin and Yang programmes are by invitation only. Once a film is confirmed to participate in MulanIFF, it cannot be withdrawn from MulanIFF’s programme.

3a. China Retrospective
The China Retrospective programme features award-nominated or -winning films that reveal the zeitgeist and enormous changes in China and the Chinese society since the early 20th century; and that capture how ideas and beliefs have formed and evolved over time.

3b. Lili vs. Leviathan
The Lili vs. Leviathan programme serves to advance the appreciation of female filmmakers’ and actresses’ endeavours, as well as to recognize the identity and power of female protagonists in films.

3c. Yin and Yang
The Yin and Yang programme is dedicated to films that reflect on social issues related to gender inequality, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, thereby advocating equality and solidarity.

3d. Fountainhead
The Fountainhead programme celebrates and promotes emerging talents and their works with creative originality.

4. Submission to the Fountainhead Programme
The Fountainhead programme accepts submissions of feature-length films and short films from all filmmakers, via FilmFreeway. This programme is non-competitive, and does not give any prize or award.

The film must meet the following requirements and conditions:
a. A feature-length film, by MulanIFF’s definition, has a running time of 60 minutes or more, including credits; a short film, by MulanIFF’s definition, has a running time of 15 minutes or less, including credits.
b. The film has been completed on or after February 9, 2018.
c. Either the main language of the film is a Chinese language, or the film focuses on Chinese culture or the lives of the people residing in China and/or the Chinese diaspora.
d. Only one film per director is accepted, be it a feature-length film or a short film.
e. For feature-length films, only the first or the second feature-length film of a director are eligible.
f. The film must have at least Canadian premiere status. It has not been presented at any motion picture event in Canada; and it has not been released in Canada in any form, including but not limited to theatre, broadcast, home entertainment, online streaming and Video On Demand (VOD).
g. An online screener of the film must be provided and made available for streaming. No DVD, Blu-ray or other physical screeners are accepted.
h. A work-in-progress version of the film can be accepted and its status should be clearly indicated on the submission. However, any updated version(s) will not be viewed.
i. The applicant represents and warrants that he or she holds all the copyrights within and related to the submitted film, and has authority to grant MulanIFF the rights to promote and screen the submitted film.

5. Submission Deadlines and Fees for the Fountainhead Programme
April 10: Submissions open
April 30: Regular deadline (USD$10 for short film, USD$20 for feature-length film)
May 20: Late deadline (USD$15 for short film, USD$30 for feature-length film)

Submission fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
Submission fees can be waived at the sole discretion of MulanIFF, if the director of the film is a current student at the University of Toronto, or the film has been submitted to an accredited film festival in China. Before submitting a film, requests need to be made via email: [email protected].

6. Selection Process for the Fountainhead Programme
The Fountainhead Programme will present a maximum of five feature-length films and a maximum of five short films.
The Artistic Director chairs on the preliminary selection committee consisting of programmers and assistant programmers.
The Artistic Director designates a final selection committee consisting of members from film institutions and the film industry.
Final decisions will be made at the sole and absolute discretion of the final selection committee.

7. Official Invitation
All official invitations will be sent out via FilmFreeway or email on or before June 9, 2019. Each film invited to MulanIFF will receive a Certificate of Participation if a request is made when accepting the invitation.

8. Language and Subtitles
All films must be presented in English, or their original language(s) with English subtitles. Films with dialogues in a Chinese dialect are preferred to have both English and Chinese subtitles. The costs of subtitling are to be borne by the filmmaker or a relevant body.

9. Screening Formats
Only Digital Cinema Package (DCP) and 35mm print are accepted, unless special arrangement is made with the MulanIFF programming team.

10. Print Traffic
All screening materials must be received by MulanIFF at least by July 22, 2019. Shipping costs to MulanIFF are to be borne by the filmmaker or a relevant body. Otherwise, MulanIFF reserves the right not to accept the package.
MulanIFF pays for return shipping as requested by the filmmaker or a relevant body.
Special arrangement may be made with the MulanIFF programming team.

11. Copyrights
MulanIFF and its directors, members, officers and volunteers, will not be held responsible for unauthorized use of any copyrighted materials within or related to the selected films. MulanIFF reserves the right to disqualify any film with unauthorized copyrighted materials at any time.

12. General
Participation in MulanIFF implies acceptance of all the aforementioned rules and regulations. MulanIFF reserves the right to rule, at its sole and absolute discretion, on cases and situations not covered by these rules and regulations.


For inquiries about submissions to the Fountainhead programme, please email [email protected].
For all other inquiries, please email [email protected].


1. 使命宣言

2. 日期

3. 电影节单元

3a. “回溯中国”

3b. “莉莉对利维坦”

3c. “阴阳”

3d. “源泉”

4. 提交作品至“源泉”单元


  1. 根据木兰的定义,一部长片的片长为60分钟或以上,包括演职员表;一部短片的片长为15分钟或以下,包括演职员表。
  2. 该影片于2018年2月9日或之后制作完成。
  3. 电影的主要语言是中文,或者电影主要关注中国文化,或中国居民和(或)海外华人的生活。
  4. 每个导演只能提交一部电影,无论是长片还是短片。
  5. 对于长片,只有导演的第一部或第二部长片才符合资格。
  6. 影片必须具有至少加拿大首映的状态。它没有参与过加拿大的任何电影活动,并且它尚未在加拿大以任何形式发布,包括但不限于影剧院上映、广播、家庭娱乐、在线流媒体和视频点播等。
  7. 须提供影片的样片,供在线观看。不接受DVD、蓝光或其他实物形式的样片。
  8. 可以提交电影的粗剪版,并且应在提交时明确说明其状态。但是,任何更新的版本将不会被查看。
  9. 申请人声明并保证他或她拥有所提交影片之内和相关内容的所有版权,并有权授予木兰推广和展映所提交影片的权利。

5. 提交作品至“源泉”单元的截止日期和费用



如果电影的导演是多伦多大学的在校学生,或者电影已经提交给在中国受到认可的电影节,木兰可以自行决定免除报名费。在提交电影之前,需通过电子邮件发送请求:[email protected]

6. “源泉”单元的选片流程

7. 正式邀请

8. 语言和字幕

9. 放映格式

10. 影片递送

11. 版权

12. 通用性规则




如对提交影片至“源泉”单元有任何疑问,请发送电子邮件至[email protected]
如有其他疑问,请发送电子邮件至[email protected]

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