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Together with You


CHEN Kaige | 陈凯歌

China | 116 minutes | 2002 | Fiction | Mandarin Chinese | English Subtitles | 14A | 35mm Film
中国 | 116 分钟 | 2002 | 虚构 | 普通话 | 英文字幕 | 14A | 35毫米胶片电影

The 50th San Sebastián International Film Festival
Best Director (Silver Shell), Best Actor (Silver Shell)

7:00 – 9:00 PM, TUE, SEPT 18

Cheng is proud of Xiaochun, his 13-year-old son and a violin prodigy. To pursue more advanced studies in performance, they leave their small town for Beijing. In the metropolis, Xiaochun hones his skills under Professor Jiang and develop a close friendship with his teacher. He also meets a charming neighbour girl, Lili, and learns the true meaning of love and friendship.

Cheng soon finds him a more prestigious teacher, Professor Yu, believing that Yu is able to bring Xiaochun to fame and success. Professor Yu puts Xiaochun and his other favourite student in a contest for the only spot to an international competition. On the eve of this extremely important performance, Xiaochun learns a secret about his true birth.



Director 导演

CHEN Kaige is a leading figure of the fifth generation of Chinese cinema. He made his directorial debut with Yellow Earth (’84) and achieved an international success with Farewell My Concubine (’93), which earned him the Palme d’Or at Cannes and has remained the best Chinese-language film of all times on the Chinese film review site DoubanLegend of the Demon Cat (’17) is his latest and most ambitious feature.

陈凯歌是中国第五代电影导演中的领军人物。 他的导演处女作是《黄土地》(1984),为第五代的标志性电影之一。《霸王别姬》(1993)在戛纳电影节上斩获金棕榈奖,令他在国际上名声大噪,而这部电影也一直是豆瓣上许多影迷心目中的最佳华语电影。《妖猫传》(2017)是他最新、也是最具雄心的作品。

Credits 演职员名单

  • Director 导演:CHEN Kaige 陈凯歌
  • Principal Cast 主演:LIU Peiqi 刘佩琦、TANG Yun 唐韵、CHEN Hong 陈红、WANG Zhiwen 王志文、CHEN Kaige 陈凯歌
  • Producer 监制:TONG Gang 童刚、CHEN Hong 陈红
  • Executive Producer 出品人:YANG Buting 杨步亭、YAN Xiaoming 阎晓明、LI Bolun 李博伦、CHEN Kaige 陈凯歌
  • Screenplay 编剧:CHEN Kaige 陈凯歌、XUE Xiaolu 薛晓路
  • Cinematographer 摄影:KIM Hyungkoo 金炯求
  • Editor 剪辑:ZHOU Ying 周影
  • Production Designer 艺术指导:CAO Jiuping 曹久平、LIU Luyi 刘路一
  • Music 音乐:ZHAO Lin 赵麟

Courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

National Film and Sound Archive of Australia
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