• All About Shaochang - Film Still
  • All About Shaochang - Film Still
  • All About Shaochang - Film Still

All About Shaochang


XU Peiyao

20 minutes | 2023 | Documentary | Sichuanese Dialect | English Subtitles

North American Premiere

7:30 PM, WED, AUG 15
Innis Town Hall

Screening with
May the Lord Protect us (15 mins), A Year Apart (17 mins), Chan Is Fishing (14 mins), Two Suns (15 mins), Redacted (19 mins), Sojourn to Shangri-La (20 mins), Summer Knows (20 mins)

Peipei had never met her second eldest brother, Shaochang, who passed away in his prime. As she reads his diaries and delicately uncovers the memories of him cherished by her family, she begins to understand a person who has never faded from their hearts.


XU Peiyao - Portrait

XU Peiyao is from Sichuan, China, and graduated with an MFA from the Communication University of China’s Film Production program. Her short film Dusk Till Dawn was officially selected for the Pingyao International Film Festival’s Pingyao’s Corner section. Xu is drawn to tell the stories of people around her through cinematic language because of their authenticity and natural conflicts, which deserve to be seen by more people. This is one of the major driving forces behind her decision to become a director.


  • Director: XU Peiyao
  • Producer: WANG Luka
  • Cinematographer: HUANG Xiaofan
  • Editor: XING Beilie
  • Sound: ZHANG Zhijun
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