• May the Lord Protect Us Film Still
  • May the Lord Protect Us Film Still
  • May the Lord Protect Us Film Still

May the Lord Protect Us



15 minutes | 2023 | Experimental | Chaoshan Dialect | English and Chinese Subtitles

World Premiere

Content Advisory: This film contains scenes of tobacco use.

7:30 PM, WED, AUG 15
Innis Town Hall

Screening with
A Year Apart (17 mins), Chan Is Fishing (14 mins), Two Suns (15 mins), Redacted (19 mins), Sojourn to Shangri-La (20 mins), All About Shaochang (20 mins), Summer Knows (20 mins)

A stolen sutra, a water monster, and an approaching typhoon – three chapters of the Chaoshan tradition of worship unfold the delicate relationship between humanity and divinity.


Born in Jieyang, Guangdong in 1998, JIANG Geng taught himself painting when he was young, and later engaged in illustration-related work. He accidentally became a director. In 2022, he shot his first short film Audience, and won the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the 4th Mulan International Film Festival.


  • Director: JIANG Geng
  • Principal Cast: JIANG Zili, JIANG Xusheng, JIANG Jingyi, JIANG Yingsheng, JIANG Yinglong, JIANG Yingxu, ZHENG Chaoqing, ZHENG Jianqiu, JIANG Ziyang, JIANG Zizhang
  • Producer: JIANG Zili
  • Screenplay: JIANG Geng
  • Cinematographer: MA Yunpeng
  • Production Designer: JIANG Geng
  • Editor: JIANG Geng
  • Sound: ZHONG Cheng
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