• Chan Is Fishing - Film Still
  • Chan Is Fishing - Film Still
  • Chan Is Fishing - Film Still

Chan Is Fishing

尋魚 寻鱼

Jacqueline CHAN

14 minutes | 2024 | Fiction | Cantonese | English and Chinese Subtitles

Canadian Premiere

7:30 PM, WED, AUG 15
Innis Town Hall

Screening with
May the Lord Protect us (15 mins), A Year Apart (17 mins), Two Suns (15 mins), Redacted (19 mins), Sojourn to Shangri-La (20 mins), All About Shaochang (20 mins), Summer Knows (20 mins)

A middle-aged Hong Kong immigrant fisherman is in search of the perfect spot–his only clue, an old postcard promising a desert paradise.


Jacqueline CHAN Portrait

Jacqueline CHAN is a recent graduate of UCLA’s MFA program. In 2017, she obtained her degrees in Visual Arts – Media and Art History from UC San Diego, where she studied under filmmakers of the French New Wave, and grounded her film practice in experimental modes. Born and raised in the minority-majority city of San Francisco, she is interested in the stories of those around her—whose lives are so vivid but are never seen. She hopes to encapsulate a cinema that is at once unique to a kind of Asian-American experience and yet universally and emotionally resonant. Her short film Fishbowl was selected for the 3rd MulanIFF Fountainhead.


  • Director: Jacqueline CHAN
  • Principal Cast: Kaidy Kuna
  • Producer: Arya Govil
  • Cinematographer: Jacqueline CHAN
  • Production Designer: SONG Jinsui
  • Editor: SONG Jinsui
  • Sound: Sam FAN
  • Music: Jasmine GUO Moni
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