Announcing 8 Short Films in the Official Selection of the 2024 “Fountainhead” Programme

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After three months of call for submissions and preliminary selections, Mulan International Film Festival is thrilled to announce the short films in our Official Selection of the competitive “Fountainhead” Programme of our fifth festival!

This year, we received entries from over a hundred filmmakers around the world. After detailed discussions and pre-selections by our programming team, eight short films have made the cut. The selected directors are JIANG Geng, Ocean CHIN, Jacqueline CHAN, LAI Yuqing, YU Chih-Chieh, LIN Yihan, XU Peiyao, and ZHONG Hongshi. They come from diverse educational, life, and creative backgrounds, having received education from places including Mainland China, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, and the Czech Republic. Among them, we have new talents making their debut in the programme, as well as returning friends marking their second entries.

We are excited to bring their exceptional original works to film enthusiasts from Toronto and everywhere else, from August 9th to 17th during the fifth edition of our festival.

These shorts will compete for the Jury Prize for Best Short Film, awarded by our jury, and the Audience Award, chosen by our audience. Both awards come with a cash prize of $300 CAD (approximately ¥1500 RMB), which goes directly to the directors.

Young and fledging though MulanIFF is, we are confident in the road we chose. We are supported by the most wonderful group of audience, who are friendly, open, genuine and sincere, and above all share the utmost love for trailblazing films and emerging filmmakers.

If love doesn’t bring hope, then it is not truly love. If love can no longer bring hope, then what makes us humans is lost. Those most treasured qualities of humanity, we will always be there for them.

Short films in the Official Selection of the 2024 “Fountainhead” Competition Programme, in no particular order:

May the Lord Protect Us by JIANG Geng
15 minutes | 2023 | Experimental | Chaoshan Dialect | English and Chinese Subtitles
World Premiere

A Year Apart by Ocean CHIN
17 minutes | 2023 | Fiction | Wuhan Dialect | English and Chinese Subtitles
North American Premiere

Chan is Fishing by Jacqueline CHAN
14 minutes | 2024 | Fiction | Cantonese | English and Chinese Subtitles
Canadian Premiere

Two Suns by LAI Yuqing
15 minutes | 2023 | Fiction | Mandarin, English | English and Chinese Subtitles | 16mm to digital
North American Premiere

Redacted by YU Chih-Chieh
19 minutes | 2024 | Fiction | Mandarin | English and Chinese Subtitles
International Premiere

Sojourn to Shangri-La by LIN Yihan
20 minutes | 2023 | Fiction | Mandarin, English | English Subtitles
North American Premiere

All About Shaochang by XU Peiyao
20 minutes | 2023 | Documentary | Sichuanese Dialect | English Subtitles
North American Premiere

Summer Knows by ZHONG Hongshi
20 minutes | 2023 | Fiction | Chongqing Dialect | English and Chinese Subtitles
North American Premiere

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