As I Lay Dying


ZHANG Zheng’an

20 minutes | 2021 | Fiction | Mandarin and Hangzhou Dialect | English Subtitles
North American Premiere

11:45 AM, SAT, AUG 13
Innis Town Hall
Screening with

Back to One (15 min), Eve, Eve (15 min), Fishbowl (15 min), Hypnogogic (9 min), The Trapped Pig (16 min), Yesterday I Was the Moon (20 min)

30-year-old Meng Nan has been living alone for a long time to recover from the childhood trauma of her father beating her. After learning about her father’s death, she returns to her home on Qilin Street to keep vigil. Surrounded by relatives who relentlessly chat about the past, Meng Nan feels lost and confused, and has no idea how to comfort her mom. On that night, her father’s soul comes back.


ZHANG Zheng’an is a screenwriter, director, photographer and editor based in Hangzhou and Ningbo, China. He graduated from China Academy of Art, Department of Photography. In 2019, he was selected to the third AME Screenwriting Workshop. His works include short films Shadow and As I Lay Dying. And he is now in pre-production for his feature debut.


  • Director: ZHANG Zheng’an
  • Principal Cast: CAI Shujie, WANG Jieting
  • Producer: SHI Xiao’an
  • Screenplay: LIU Shubo, ZHANG Zheng’an
  • Cinematographer: ZHAO Junce
  • Editor: ZHANG Zheng’an
  • Production Designer: LIU Shubo, SU Hang
  • Sound: XU Jingjing
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