YANG Linsi

9 minutes | 2022 | Experimental | Mandarin | Chinese and English Subtitles
World Premiere

11:45 AM, SAT, AUG 13
Innis Town Hall
Screening with

Yesterday I Was the Moon (20 min), Back to One (15 min), Eve, Eve (15 min), Fishbowl (15 min), The Trapped Pig (16 min), As I Lay Dying (20 min)

The dizzily asleep clicking of time, the hypnogogic perplexity, the murmuring soliloquies of a man and a woman – are by all means the vain attempt to seek out the long-gone childhood when tracing back sepia toned photos, the introspective reinforcement of inside or otherwise the retrospective observation of outside, and the cage that trapped you and me deadly in the end of the everlasting corridor. Breaking out, disentangling, waking up. The lighthouse is enlightened fathoms away, yet I am where you lay and awake.


Born in 1998 in Mainland China, YANG Linsi has been making short films in middle school. In 2017, he was admitted to the Hong Kong Baptist University, Film Academy, majoring in animation and media arts. In 2019, he went to Ohio University for an exchange program to learn VR production, where he further expanded the limitations of moving images.


  • Director: YANG Linsi
  • Principal Cast: YANG Linsi, WU Mei
  • Producer: YANG Linsi
  • Screenplay: YANG Linsi
  • Cinematographer: YANG Linsi
  • Editor: YANG Linsi
  • Production Designer: YANG Linsi
  • Sound: YANG Linsi, JIANG Baicheng
  • Music: YANG Linsi, JIANG Baicheng
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