Eve, Eve


CHEN Ruoyun

15 minutes | 2022 | Fiction | Japanese and Mandarin | English Subtitles
Canadian Premiere

11:45 AM, SAT, AUG 13
Innis Town Hall
Screening with

 Yesterday I Was the Moon (20 min), Back to One (15 min), Fishbowl (15 min), Hypnogogic (9 min), The Trapped Pig (16 min), As I Lay Dying (20 min)

Set in the future, two AI maids break free from their host families and leave for the ocean, where life originated.


CHEN Ruoyun is a PhD Candidate in System Engineering at Cornell University. She is also a director, songwriter and singer. Her music video May Snow won the best Music Video at the Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival 2022. She also edited/co-produced a documentary feature Saha World, which was selected as a semi-finalist in Flicker’s Rhodes Island International Film Festival. Her latest short film, Eve, Eve, has won several awards at international short film festivals. She is currently working on a new documentary about Chinese young poets, especially the ones who write in multi-languages.


  • Director: CHEN Ruoyun
  • Principal Cast: Matilda DONG, Saki Kawamura
  • Producer: CHEN Ruoyun
  • Screenplay: CHEN Ruoyun
  • Cinematographer: Henry LU, Kayo ZHANG
  • Editor: CHEN Ruoyun
  • Production Designer: CHEN Ruoyun
  • Sound: JIANG Hao
  • Music: JIANG Hao
  • Special Effect: YAN Shuo
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