Jacqueline Chan

15 minutes | 2021 | Fiction | English and Mandarin Chinese | English Subtitles
Canadian Premiere

11:45 AM, SAT, AUG 13
Innis Town Hall
Screening with

Yesterday I Was the Moon (20 min), Back to One (15 min), Eve, Eve (15 min), Hypnogogic (9 min), The Trapped Pig (16 min), As I Lay Dying (20 min)

Natalie and her childhood friend Joanne drive home after their first semester of college to celebrate Chinese New Year. Navigating festivities that were once inviting but now seem tinged with a foreign animosity, Natalie struggles to keep the growing attraction she shares with Joanne from the prying eyes of those she once called home.


Jacqueline CHAN obtained her degrees in Visual Arts – Media and Art History from UC San Diego in 2017 and her MFA degree in Film Production/Cinematography from UCLA in 2022. Born and raised in the minority-majority city of San Francisco, she is interested in the stories of those around her—whose lives are so vivid but are never seen. She hopes to encapsulate a cinema that is at once unique to a kind of Asian-American experience and yet universally relatable.


  • Director: Jacqueline CHAN
  • Principal Cast: Stacy CHU, Woan Ni Wooi, Grace SHEN, Kaidy Kuna, Eddie ENG
  • Producer: Benjamin Nobuki Atkins, YEO Zhi Qi
  • Screenplay: Gene WANG
  • Cinematographer: Akina Van de Velde
  • Editor: Jacqueline CHAN
  • Production Designer: REN Zhongbo
  • Sound: SU Yu-Ting
  • Music: Austin Eamnarangkool
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