Kitchen Leaking


William YUAN

14 minutes | 2023 | Fiction | English, Shanghainese | English and Chinese Subtitles
World Premiere

3:00 PM, SAT, Aug 12
Innis Town Hall

Fountainhead Shorts Screening + Live Zoom & In-Person Q&A

Screening with

Love Will Tear Us Apart (18 mins), Aunt Lotus & Her Dream Bicycle (15 mins), Up All Night (15 mins), Tequila Sunset (22 mins), Audience (5 mins), My Zombie Grandpa (18 mins), ChaCha (13 mins)

On a girls’ night, two girls converse about a kitchen leak, weaving their shared creativity into an unfinished novel’s ending. Amid their imagination, real-life troubles and reflections intertwine. A mysterious phone call may eventually provide the sought-after answers.


William YUAN earned honours from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he pursued a major in Film & TV Production and a double major in Psychology. Throughout his academic journey, he focused on honing his skills in crafting fiction novels and feature screenplays. His creative repertoire spans a wide spectrum, encompassing diverse narratives as well as commercials.


  • Director: William YUAN
  • Principal Cast: Jennifer REN, Talor Goodwyn, Karl WU
  • Producer: James ZHENG, Ella XU
  • Screenplay: William YUAN
  • Cinematographer: Jason WANG
  • Editor: William YUAN
  • Sound: DUAN Yige, Ryan ZHAO
  • Music: Lyatte LIU
  • Production Designer: PAN Yizhu
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