Love Will Tear Us Apart


LIU Zhou’anqi

18 minutes | 2023 | Fiction/Experimental | English | English and Chinese Subtitles
Canadian Premiere
Zoom Live Q&A with Director

Content Advisory: This film contains scenes of tobacco use.

3:00 PM, SAT, Aug 12
Innis Town Hall

Fountainhead Shorts Screening + Live Zoom & In-Person Q&A

Screening with

Aunt Lotus & Her Dream Bicycle (15 mins), Up All Night (15 mins), Tequila Sunset (22 mins), Kitchen Leaking (13 mins), Audience (5 mins), My Zombie Grandpa (18 mins), ChaCha (13 mins)

On a transcendental night, a nihilist young man grasps at the last chance to save his failing relationship from persistent poverty and frustration.


Currently living in New York, LIU Zhou’anqi is a director, screenwriter, production designer, and still photographer from Changsha, China. She is a visual storyteller who focuses on individual survival and destiny through poetic imagery. She holds degrees in MFA Directing concentration from Columbia University and BA in Screenwriting from Beijing Film Academy.


  • Director: LIU Zhou’anqi
  • Principal Cast: Derek Jones
  • Producer: WU Hongwei
  • Screenplay: LIU Zhou’anqi
  • Cinematographer:  Michael CONG
  • Production Designer: LIU Zhou’anqi, LIU Ke, GAO Wenting
  • Editor: Meredith ZHANG
  • Sound: Meredith ZHANG
  • Music: Emmanuel Schalit, GUO Zhiming, HUANG Jun
  • Colorist: Charles GAO
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