Up All Night


Andrew The-Anh LUK

15 mins | 2023 | Fiction | English, Korean, French | English Subtitles
Toronto Premiere
In-Person Q&A with Director

Content advisory: this film contains tobacco use.

3:00 PM, SAT, Aug 12
Innis Town Hall

Fountainhead Shorts Screening + Live Zoom & In-Person Q&A

Screening with

Love Will Tear Us Apart (18 mins), Aunt Lotus & Her Dream Bicycle (15 mins), Tequila Sunset (22 mins), Kitchen Leaking (13 mins), Audience (5 mins), My Zombie Grandpa (18 mins), ChaCha (13 mins)

When Jay fails to audition in a K-pop group, his uncertain future is only prolonged in the comfortable city of Montreal. While the people around him have different undercurrent thoughts about him, his only pillar of confidence lies in his whimsical personality.


Andrew The-Anh LUK is a Canadian Chinese-Vietnamese filmmaker from Montreal. His creative influences are diverse, ranging from fanciful and campy Asian films to more introspective works and documentaries. He is particularly interested in showcasing ambiguous corners of the Asian diaspora through a variety of themes, tones, and emotions on the big screen. His journey as a filmmaker was ignited by the disturbing events that unfolded in the wake of the surge in anti-Asian sentiment, notably the Atlanta Spa shooting in 2021, where he directed a short documentary on this pressing societal issue.


  • Director: Andrew The-Anh LUK (In Attendance)
  • Principal Cast: JAE Yong Kim, Sumin LEE, Jennie YOO, Angeline Bisson, Duy TRAN, Dami KANG
  • Producer: Andrew The-Anh LUK, Vera Aloh, JAE Yong Kim, JEONG Ung Song
  • Screenplay: Andrew The-Anh LUK
  • Cinematographer: Vera Aloh
  • Production Designer: Andrew The-Anh LUK, Vera Aloh
  • Editor: Andrew The-Anh LUK
  • Sound: Jason MA, Elsasoa Jousse, Saski Miller
  • Music: Christine LUC
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