Tequila Sunset


SONG Jinsui

22 minutes | 2022 | Fiction | Cantonese, Mandarin and English | English and Chinese Subtitles
Toronto Premiere
Zoom Live Q&A with Director

3:00 PM, SAT, Aug 12
Innis Town Hall

Fountainhead Shorts Screening + Live Zoom & In-Person Q&A

Screening with

Love Will Tear Us Apart (18 mins), Aunt Lotus & Her Dream Bicycle (15 mins), Up All Night (15 mins), Kitchen Leaking (13 mins), Audience (5 mins), My Zombie Grandpa (18 mins), ChaCha (13 mins)

Overworked and lonely, a devoted old woman caring for her ailing husband attempts to take a much-needed break from reality.


SONG Jinsui is a writer/director and editor based in Los Angeles. She recently graduated from the MFA Directing program at UCLA and holds a bachelor’s degree in Screenwriting from Beijing Film Academy. Her undergraduate thesis The Test (2017) was selected for the 39th Cairo International Film Festival. Her graduate thesis Something Blue (2023) is supported by the Panavision New Filmmaker Program. She endeavours to create films about women, in particular Chinese/Chinese-American women, and the many facets of their womanhood.


  • Director: SONG Jinsui
  • Principal Cast: Cici LAU, Jim LAU
  • Producer: YEO Zhi Qi, SONG Jinsui
  • Screenplay:SONG Jinsui
  • Cinematographer: Jacqueline CHAN
  • Production Designer: Justine LAW
  • Consume Designer: LIN Xiyu
  • Editor: SONG Jinsui
  • Sound: DUAN Peiqi
  • Music: Jasmine GUO Moni
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